DISQOUNTS is quickly taking international marketplaces!

External Sales Channels:

DisQounts has more than 3 three years of experience in different marketplaces across Europe. Thanks to the broad range of products DisQounts is able to offer, there's something for everyone. You can also find us on sites like, Amazon, and eBay.

In recent years, we've developed on the European market, and we're continuing to expand to Cdiscount (France), (Germany), ePrice (Italy), & Whupti (Scandinavia).

In addition to our wide range of products, we also have three house brands. BeautyQounts, GadgetQounts & TechQounts. For these brands, we select products that we are 100% behind and give them our own style. Of course with a boost to quality, as well.

These brands, along with our current range, are sold on marketplaces like and Amazon. Are you interested in our products or want to become a reseller for one of these brands? Then get in touch with our channel manager at Then we can see what we can do for each other!

Ronald Ockhuysen

Accountmanager logistics at


Since DisQounts started working with us in 2014, they've grown tremendously with a wide range of products in various categories. The reach of DisQounts' product range has grown significantly through the more than 8 million potential customers that attracts monthly. Thanks to our ongoing market and pricing research, partners like DisQounts can quickly respond to trends and innovation, so they can always have an interesting, competitive range to offer.

The partnership between and DisQounts is a good example of how you can join forces to create a unique customer experience. DisQounts's specialised knowledge in the electronics and household items market and their passion for entrepreneurship really adds value to as a consumer shop. And because their products are offered with unique delivery options from 'Logistics via', our joint customers have a wide range to choose from with flexible delivery options.

In recent years, and DisQounts have been able to partner in more and more areas, exchanging knowledge and specialist expertise. Because DisQounts takes a critical look at both their own and processes, we've invited them to brainstorm with us for things like pilots and ongoing development at In the coming years, we expect to be able to invest even more in our collaboration thanks to new innovations to as a retail platform and our 'Logistics via' service. Because growth happens together. And together with our partners, we can make our customers' everyday lives easier and more fun!

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