Proud to be a leading FMCG wholesaler, one of the largest commercial vendors on Bol.com and one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands!


We've been a supplier to a wide range of online shops and daily deal sites for years, in the Netherlands and internationally! We travel the globe to find the right prods, which means we're up on the latest trends and can offer our customers a broad array of products. We also manufacture products on request and customise them if necessary. Curious about what we have on offer? Get in touch today!



Have you already encountered us through sales channels like Bol.com & Amazon? You very well may have! We sell globally on all kinds of different marketplaces. With our wide range and constant search for fun, new products, we're expanding our sales channels daily! We also create our own branded lines/products. Interested in becoming a reseller for one of our house brands?
That's definitely a possibility!


Partners / Customers:

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